Quote Monday is “Wisconsin Fancy”

Me: “Ollie you can’t hit your mama.”
Ollie: “I didn’t get any sleep today.”

::Me wearing my Packer pajama pants and a black sweater::
Evie: “Wow, you look fancy. You look like you’re ready for a Wisconsin wedding!”

::CD playing::
CD: “Orville needed his brother…”
Evie: “What does that one mean?”
Sara: “Well, there was this man who made popcorn…”
::Me, laughing hysterically::
Sara: “Ooooh, needed his BROTHER!”

You know, the lesser known Orville who invented flight, not the more famous popcorn magnate.

Sara: “I thought the song went, ‘Orville needed his butter’.”
Me: “I’m not sure that’s any better.”

Evie: “Oliver, which do you think you’ll cry more at; my wedding or my funeral?”

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