Quote Monday is a ring bear

Ollie: “My bear costume came by the UPS.”
Me: “It’s not actually a bear costume though, it’s a ring bearer outfit. It’s just pants, a shirt, and a tie.”
Ollie: “But, my bear costume…”
Me: “Ring bearer. It’s not furry.”
Ollie: “It’s just bear costume for short. It’s ring bearer costume for long.”

Ollie: “I won’t die when I’m an ‘Ollie’…I’ll die when I’m a ‘Grandpa'”.

Me: “Is this your diaper, or mama’s diaper?”
Ollie: “No, that’s my diaper. Mama doesn’t wear diapers.”
Sara: “Not yet!”

::Evie catching butterflies::
Evie: “I told all the butterflies that I was having a butterfly class, and this one volunteered. But now I’m NOT going to have a butterfly class!”
::cackling evilly::
Me: “You better watch out. If word gets around to the butterflies that you’re tricking them, they’re not going to listen to you anymore.”
Evie, carelessly: “Oh, they can’t hear me all the way over here. Except this one, and he’s going to die.”

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