Quote Monday is spooky

::Evie jumping out at us::
Evie: “Boo!”
Me, feeling Ollie jump and clutch my arm: “Are you okay buddy? Did she scare you?”
Ollie: “I thought it was a spooky ghost!”

::Leaving the family for the weekend::
Me: “Bye guys!”
::door shuts::
I hear Sara through the door, shouting: “Party time!”

::Ollie, seeing a peacock feather::
Ollie: “Hey, there’s a feather under that eyeball! That’s crazy!”

Evie: “…and they were so scary, they even scared the lion!”
Me: “But it would be easy to scare the lion, he doesn’t have any courage.”
Evie: “No! They already had those things. For real! There’s a song that says the Wizard didn’t give anything to the Tin Man that he didn’t already have!”

2 thoughts on “Quote Monday is spooky

  1. Evie picked one of my favorite lines from America, which succinctly explains the whole movie. Now, if she could just interpret “A Horse With No Name” for me.


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