“My Heart” in Your Ears

I am very pleased to announce that “My Heart is a Quadratic Equation” has been picked up by the science fiction audio magazine Escape Pod.

I doubt seeing your stories in print would ever get old, but I have to say that the idea of someone actually performing my story leaves me feeling all tingly inside.

As some of you know, I get my fiction almost exclusively through audio, and in fact Escape Pod was the first audio short fiction podcast I ever listened to. Since then, I have listened to many, many episodes of Escape Pod, and in fact I even blogged about them (including a few of my favorite episodes) way back in June of 2011. Although there are dozens of really excellent audio fiction magazines I could recommend, the Escape Artist’s podcasts (Escape Pod for science fiction, Podcastle for Fantasy, and Pseudopod for horror) really are the industry standard for story selection, production value, and just generally putting out a quality product. Needless to say, I am thrilled.

As usual, I will keep you posted when the story is available.

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