Quote Monday is proud of itself

Ollie: “I used to have a stinky toot in my bottom.”
Me: “It’s not in there anymore?”
Ollie: “No. I stinked it out.”

An 8 year old girl: “The babies don’t like Mitt Romney anymore.”
Sara: “Why not?”
8 year old: “Because he wanted to cancel Sesame Street.”
8 year old: “Adults don’t like him anymore either.”
Sara: “Oh yeah? I guess not.”
8 year old: “He said the f-word.”

Ollie: “I don’t want to clean up, not anymore.”
Me: blah blah blah “responsibility” blah blah blah “value of hard work” blah blah “…and when you’re done, you’ll feel very proud of yourself.”
Ollie, not impressed: “I already feel proud of myself.”

Evie: “I’m pretending my Barbie is Shirley Jones.”
Sara: “Nobody’s said that for 40 years.”

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