Things our Kids Should Know (Before College 2030)

The other day I wrote an article about Things our Kids Should Know Before Starting College. This sparked some debate on Facebook about whether or not balancing your checkbook is already out of date (I say it’s not, but clearly this is not a settled issue).

This begs the obvious question: which pieces of advice WILL be out of date by the time the kids go to college? Should I not recommend that my children remember to charge their car phones or learn how to clean VCR heads? How could I even know what sorts of things will be out of date by the time they are ready to move out on their own?

I think about my grandma and how, in her lifetime, we went from outdoor toilets and horse-drawn carriages to always-connected-cell-phone-computers-in-our-pockets. Surely by the time I die, some of the things common in my life are going to seem as silly and outdated as going without indoor plumbing. But which ones? How could my grandma even have imagined something like an iPad when she was a kid?

No worries my friends, my friend Dan is here to pick up the slack: Things our Kids Should Know (Before College 2030). His (much more useful) list covers everything from augmented reality glasses, how to disable your personal robot, nanoparticle food, and reminders about how to correctly use your personal defense drone (and how to appease the Google/Robot overlords, of course).

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