Quote Monday chooses a career path

Evie: “Maybe I could be a person that fights fires [when I grow up]”
Sara: “That takes a lot of bravery.”
Evie: “And a big suit.”

Ollie: “And who fights a dragon?”
Sara: “Do you want to be a knight when you grow up?”
Ollie: “I want to be a dragon.”

Sara: “Besides cake, what else do you want for Christmas? You can ask for anything you want.”
Ollie: “Mustard.”

::Ollie holding the letter ‘O’ up to his ear::
Ollie: “Look, I have an ear tube!”

Ollie: “Where’s my golden nut?”
Me: “I don’t know, it’s not my job to keep track of it.”
Ollie: “The Grinch stole my nut!”

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