Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my

Sara: “Ollie, would you like to be a ring bearer?”
Ollie: “No!”
Sara, surprised: “No? Why not?”
Ollie: “I not a bear.”

Evie: “I did not! You’re lying!”
Oliver, going bonkers: “No! I’m not!”
Oliver: “I’m not a lion, you’re a lion!”
::laughing by the rest of us::
Me: “Evie, tell your brother he’s not a lion.”
Ollie, sullen: “And I’m not a tiger, either!”

He was more upset about being called a lion than a liar.

I took Ollie to watch Evie at swim class. He was so excited, like a proud papa, that he tapped a total stranger on the leg. When the man looked down at him, he pointed to Evie and said, “That one’s ours.”

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