That’s weird, right?

At work, we have only a urinal and a stall in the bathroom. When I entered the bathroom, the stall was occupied. No problem, I only needed the urinal. So I was there, and the person sitting in the stall was breathing deep and regular, not quite a snore, but almost. In and out, in and out, the whole time I was in there. No other sounds or motions across the divide. I know sometimes people go real quiet in there when someone comes in, hoping that somehow they’ll remain unnoticed, but I don’t think that’s what it was in this case. The breathing was too heavy, too regular. Finally, I was finished and flushed. At that point, the guy in the stall had a big yawn and then proceeded to start moving around, ultimately flushing.

I guarantee I woke him up with my flush.

That’s weird, right? I mean, I guess there’s two possibilities: either he snuck in there to hide and catch a little shut-eye, or he was so tired that when he sat down he just fell asleep. I guess in either case, I’m glad the guy got some sleep, if he needed it that badly.

I was tempted to go into the conference room across the hall and pretend to take a phone call to see who came out, but then I decided that was weird and didn’t. So I’ll never know who my sleepy friend was (unless of course he makes this a habit).

One thought on “That’s weird, right?

  1. You didn’t make a mental note of his shoes and then spend the next week checking out everyone’s feet to find out who it was? I don’t either


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