Now here’s a company who knows how to market!

Most makers of pole barns probably target farmers, or other country types. Only a few go out of their way to cater to special niche markets. CB Structure is one of those few, with this article: the comprehensive plan for surviving the zombie apocalypse from your pole barn.

The article covers all the most important design decisions: what type of hinges can best withstand the cold strong hands of the undead? Which type of siding makes it easier to hose off the guts? How big should my barn doors be to admit my modified jeep/zombie destruction mobile? What kind of square footage should I be looking at to store all the necessary food-stuffs?

In fact, the article even goes so far as to help you plan your pole bar for a time when the zombie horde has been defeated, and life can go back to normal. What better way than a zombie survival museum?

It’s called thinking ahead people!

Look, I have no idea if their pole barns are any better than anybody else’s pole barns. But at least I know that they are serious businessmen with serious consideration of serious issues. Would somebody please order one of these pole barns so that I know where to go in case of emergency??

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