I have reviews!

My story at Redstone Science Fiction has garnered two professional reviews, one from Lois Tilton at Locus, and another from  Jo-Anne Odell at Tangent.

Can I just tell you how exciting it is to be reviewed by Locus and Tangent? We’re not just talking about Joe Blow on his blog writing a review. (Although I would be excited about that too!)

Selling that story has just been the gift that keeps on giving. I had the excitement of getting an acceptance, the excitement of seeing it go live, and now the unexpected excitement of seeing reviews. Here’s proof that people I don’t even know have read my story. Professional people who read stories like this for a living. Heady stuff.


Chrysanthemum is a nuclear rocket scientist supergenius who can’t get a second date without downloading the guy’s brain into a robot. Until she meets a guy who’s a big a nerd as she is. Silly stuff.


Chrysanthemum  is a scientist in “My Heart is a Quadratic Equation” by Shane Halbach.  Although she dates men on a regular basis, we’re not really sure why.  She definitely has no interest in them, except as potential test subjects.  Chet ends up in her lab that way.  Strangely, he seems to have no objection.  When she meets Albert, everything changes.

If you enjoy absurdism, you might like this.  Occasionally, I find an absurdist piece I think is marvelous, but most just leave me scratching my head.  This one was no exception.

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