I have reviews!

My story at Redstone Science Fiction has garnered two professional reviews, one from Lois Tilton at Locus, and another from  Jo-Anne Odell at Tangent.

Can I just tell you how exciting it is to be reviewed by Locus and Tangent? We’re not just talking about Joe Blow on his blog writing a review. (Although I would be excited about that too!)

Selling that story has just been the gift that keeps on giving. I had the excitement of getting an acceptance, the excitement of seeing it go live, and now the unexpected excitement of seeing reviews. Here’s proof that people I don’t even know have read my story. Professional people who read stories like this for a living. Heady stuff.


Chrysanthemum is a nuclear rocket scientist supergenius who can’t get a second date without downloading the guy’s brain into a robot. Until she meets a guy who’s a big a nerd as she is. Silly stuff.


Chrysanthemum  is a scientist in “My Heart is a Quadratic Equation” by Shane Halbach.  Although she dates men on a regular basis, we’re not really sure why.  She definitely has no interest in them, except as potential test subjects.  Chet ends up in her lab that way.  Strangely, he seems to have no objection.  When she meets Albert, everything changes.

If you enjoy absurdism, you might like this.  Occasionally, I find an absurdist piece I think is marvelous, but most just leave me scratching my head.  This one was no exception.

“My Heart is a Quadratic Equation” now live at Redstone Science Fiction

The September issue of Redstone Science Fiction is now live, including my debut story, My Heart is a Quadratic Equation.

I am honored (if that’s even the right word…maybe unworthy?) to be featured alongside the amazingly talented, prolific, and well-nominated Lavie Tidhar.

While you are there, be sure to check out Mr. Tidhar’s story “Earthrise“, and perhaps leave a comment or two about how much you liked “My Heart is Quadratic Equation”. 🙂

Achievement Unlocked!

I have an announcement to make.

In my spare time, I have been secretly writing and trying to sell professional-level short fiction. (Specifically speculative fiction, which includes fantasy, science fiction, and horror.) At first I (very, very) naively believed that this would be a snap. Even though I tried to tell myself it wasn’t so, I still secretly thought I was a hot-shot natural who would type up a story or two and then the acceptances would start rolling in.

3 1/2 years and 132 rejections later, my eyes have been opened.

Writing a story that an editor wants to publish is a lot harder than I ever imagined. Even just getting down on paper the story you imagine in your head is a lot harder than I ever imagined. Furthermore, that’s not even the hard part; the hard part is finding time to keep writing when the rejections, dishes, and laundry are piling up, and you have two small kids who need 110% of your effort, to say nothing of a full time job.

Way back at the beginning, I decided to keep my fiction writing a secret “until such time that I feel this whole idea is not foolish. Or, until I decide that it is completely foolish and we can all have a good laugh about it.”

Well, I can finally say it is the former rather than the latter. I am pleased to announce that my story, “My Heart is a Quadratic Equation” will appear in the September issue of Redstone Science Fiction!

It feels so good to finally have a win (even if the score is 132 to 1) that I am “coming out of the closet” so to speak with my illicit, night-time fiction writing. Momentarily I will unlock the “Writing” category and all the posts contained therein. If you feel the need to go back and read them, please remember that 3 1/2 years ago I was more or less a clueless idiot when it came to professional writing.  (I’m sure that in another 3 1/2 years I will look back at this post and consider my current self more or less a clueless idiot when it comes to professional writing.)

So there it is. You can be sure I will link to the story when it goes live on their website, and from here on out, any other information about my writing.

The first of many!