Quote Monday is in a hurry

Evie: “Hurry and get to Grandma’s house! I don’t want my naked ladies to die!”

I don’t believe any context is necessary on that one.

We were watching Oliver interact with a distant relative that he didn’t know. He was talking to him, trying to climb up in his lap, and trying to get him to jump rope. Eventually we realized that he thought the man was Grandpa Ron (and upon reflection, he does look a lot like Grandpa Ron). “You should say something,” we urged Ron. “See what he does when he realizes that isn’t you.” I figured at the least Oliver would do a double take, and possibly be embarrassed that he had the wrong guy. Not so.

Sara, pointing to Grandpa Ron: “Ask Grandpa Ron, he’ll jump rope.”
Ollie, nonplussed: “That Grandpa Ron won’t jump rope, but this one will!”

I guess Ollie doesn’t find it weird that there’s two of them now.

Evie: “Why is it called ‘The Sound of Music’ and not ‘A Female Deer’?”

I’m sure everybody would rush right out to see a movie entitled “A Female Deer”.


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