Quote Monday likes potatoes

::Evie coming out of her room at bed time and finding us on the computer::
Sara: “Did Evie just catch us watching illicit cookie monster videos?”

People at the Library: “Carrots are good for your eyes! What is good for your ears?”
Children shouting: “Broccoli!” “Celery!” “Potatoes!”
Oliver, getting upset: “No! No! Potatoes are good for my mouth! No! For my mouth!”

Oliver can tell you where to stick your other┬ávegetables, but don’t mess with his potatoes. Them’s for eatin’.

Me: “Oliver, I’m going to be cutting onions in here, they might make you cry.”
Oliver: “No, they make me happy!”

Me: “Evie, just…I need a little quiet for a second okay?”
Evie: “Am I getting on your nerds?”

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