Quote Monday talks in private

Me: “How old is she?”
Evie: “Oh, she’s in her early threes.”

Evie: “Mama, can you make me a shawl?”
Sara: “Why don’t you put that on your birthday list?”
Evie, instantly sobbing: “But I don’t want a shawl bought from a store, I want one that’s homemade!”

This was so sweet!

Evie: “So, can I, can I?”
Sara: “I will have to talk about that with daddy.”
::Evie waiting expectantly::
Sara: “In private.”
Evie, nodding knowingly:  “So Oliver won’t hear.”

::Me playing Oliver’s kazoo::
::Oliver takes me aside and puts a hand on my shoulder::
Oliver, very seriously: “I asked you not to touch it.”


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