Quote Monday reaches a new low

::Ollie and I are waiting and waiting for a bathroom stall to open up::
::Sweaty man comes out of a stall::
Man: “I think I need to go get some antibiotics!”

I’m sure there are worse things that can be said to you before you take your toddler into a bathroom stall, but I’m at a loss to come up with any.

Evie: “I think you should give Ollie constant attention, and mama should give me constant attention. Except if you need to make meals.”

Evie: “If I could add to the song, I would say, ‘May there aaaaaalways be cars.’ Oh, and how about, ‘May there neeeeeeever be traffic.'”

Me: “I’m tired. I think maybe you and Ollie should tuck me in for a nap and then you guys can do the dishes and the laundry instead.”
Evie: “Oh I would love to do that, but unfortunately that’s just not the way it works.”


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