Quote Monday has tasted better

::Evie, trying some melon::
Me: “Did you like it?”
Evie, making a face: “It tasted like Rice Krispies on the back of a sheep. Like regular Rice Krispies, but instead of in a bowl, they’re on a sheep’s back.”

That’s…very specific. And admittedly unappealing.

Oliver: “EE loves dada, I love mama and EE.”
Me: “What about me, do you love me too?”
Oliver: “No, EE loves dada. I love mama and EE.”
Evie: “What about Nala?”
Oliver: “I love mama and EE and Nala.”

Remember last week when I said you had to appreciate the nice quotes when they come around? Yeah, this is the other kind.

Me: “Okay Ollie, there’s no towel, so dry your hands on my pants.”
::Oliver drying his hands on my pants::
Me: “Make sure you dry the backs too.”
::Oliver walks around behind me and drys the fronts of his hands on the back of my pants::

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