Technology: our advantage over the undead

They might have unflagging strength and endurance as well as overwhelming numbers, but what they do not have is reliable Internet access.

Jump on the zombie survival map at Map of the Dead, and get your location in Google maps highlighted with nearby zombie survival necessities, such as gun stores, outdoor stores, grocery stores, hardware stores,  hospitals and pharmacies, and other areas of interest such as harbors, police stations and liquor stores. Oh yeah, cemeteries are clearly marked as well.

Looking at the map, I realize I’m totally screwed. First off, I live in a food desert, so there’s not going to be much to scavenge. There isn’t much retail, and no stores that would be of use to me. I do live close to a hospital and a harbor, but those things are about equidistant from me, with an enormous cemetery in the third direction.

Doesn’t look good folks.

Anybody have a particularly good or particularly bad location?

6 thoughts on “Technology: our advantage over the undead

  1. I am set! I live between a gun store and the police station, there is food everywhere, and there is even a “tank” icon down the street. No room for cemeteries in California either. Oh, and the Gutenberg project will be going on on Alcatraz island, so I have that as a fallback.


  2. The map just lets you identify your priorities for preparing! If you live no where near food, then you need to be sure to lay in extra food in your disaster pantry.

    You do have a disaster pantry, right?


  3. Apparently my previously unincorporated neighborhood is safe from the dangers of the city. If supplies run low at the local pharmacies and fast food places, I’ll have to fight my way into the city for more supplies. But I think I would abandon the house and travel North, away from the danger zones. Be careful to avoid golf courses – best to avoid the undead wearing polo shirts.


  4. I’m kind of weirded out to find out how many gun stores are close to my house…yes in a zombie Apocalypse this will be wonderful, but on a day to day basis why is there four gun stores in my radius and two tanks?


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