Quote Monday has extra sensory perception

Evie (about the hotel hallway): “It smells like champagne in here!”

Evie: “They keep smiling at me.”
Sara: “Who keeps smiling at you.”
Evie: “On the tv. I smiled and the lady smiled back.”

I guess we should have let her watch more tv after all. I wasn’t sure whether my daughter was a psychopath who thinks she receives messages from the tv, or if I should be creeped out that she really was receiving messages from the tv, ala poltergeist. Or, maybe tv news ladies just smile a lot.

Evie: “My tortilla tastes like carpet.” – This is what happens when you get used to eating food with no dough conditioners.

Evie: “Ollie, knock knock.”
Oliver: “Orange who?”

I guess her jokes are getting a little predictable.


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