I have seen Evie play memory with adults, and she usually wins. However, I never really could tell if they were letting her win, or how hard they were really trying.

Well folks, I played against her, and it’s no hoax.

The first game we played, she whipped me pretty good. The final score was 19-7, but believe me, it wasn’t as close as that sounds. 3 of my pairs were because I had control at the end, and I just mopped up the final pairs. About halfway through the game, I just started laughing hysterically and couldn’t stop. It just seemed like a magic trick; she would turn over a card and then just immediately turn over the match, when I didn’t even remember seeing that card before. I was trying as hard as I could, and she just absolutely crushed me.

Me: “Do you know why I’m laughing? Because it seems like magic.”
Evie: “You don’t remember, so it seems like magic to you.”

Well put, little lady.

Of course this might have been a fluke, so I played her two more times, determined to get a win. Both of these games seemed much more competitive, with me having a lead several times. And technically they were more competitive, since she only beat me 16-10 in both of those games. Go me!

After the third game it was pretty clear that I had no chance to beat her. She was so clearly better than me that she was simply playing on another level. Now, to be fair, my memory is not very good. So perhaps I am not the poster child for Memory Champion of the World. But an adult should be able to beat a 4 year old, no?

Me: “Evie, this isn’t even fair, I have a bad memory and you have a really good memory.”
Evie: “Well, that’s just the way life goes.”


She’s not perfect. There were a few times when I remembered one that she didn’t. But those occurrences were pretty rare. In fact, the few times she turned over a card that was not what she expected (like if she turned over the one to the right of the one she wanted), you could register the shock on her face. It was like, “How did that happen? Did someone move the cards around on me?” And believe me, I considered moving them around when she wasn’t looking too.

I’m thinking of using her new party trick to hustle people on the street for money. There’s no way they’d expect this girl to be so good. She doesn’t even seem to pay that much attention when you’re playing!

So…anybody up for a game?

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