Quote Monday is a little short this week

Hello everybody. Just arrived back from vacation today. I’m sure you’ll hear aaaaalllll about it shortly, but most likely not this week, since it will take me a minute to get things back in order. Consequently, Quote Monday is a little short this week. Please stand by.

-The Management

Tom: “Remember to turn your alarm off.”
Ben: “I don’t have any alarm set.”
Tom: “No, every day at noon I hear an alarm going off in your room.”

Tom: “Ben, it’s going off right now! Come listen!”
Ben: “That’s the alarm on your watch.”

Sara said she didn’t want the rest of her bun with peanut butter on it. Evie said, “I want it!” Oliver, arriving on the scene but having no idea what we were talking about, immediately starts screaming and punching his sister. When I pull him off her, screaming and crying, I ask him, “Oliver, what are you so upset about?” He replies, “No Evie want it! Ollie want it!” And that’s called sibling rivalry folks, it doesn’t matter what she wants, he wants it more.

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