Quote Monday gets stranger and stranger

::Oliver splashed himself in the bath and was trying to rub his eyes with his dripping wet hand::
Sara: “Oliver, don’t use your hand, that’s not going to work very well!”
::Oliver starts rubbing his eyes with his toes::

::Pointing at a picture::
Me: “What’s that?”
Oliver: “A horse! No! No… A zebra!”

::Oliver takes the cap off a pen::
::I give him a sharp look::
Oliver: “Mischief, mischief!”

Evie: “At school we were talking about what if our mommies died, and I could go to school like this.”
Sara: “Like what?”
Evie: “With no clothes on. And also I could pee on the floor.”
Me: “So, your mommy being alive is the only thing that keeps you from peeing on the floor and going to school with clothes on?”
Evie: “Yeah. And then [a classmate] joined in, and she could dye her hair purple if her mommy died.”


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