I’ll see you a 5k, and raise you a 5k

Just a month after running her first 5k, Sara ran a 10k at Navy Pier last weekend. For some reason the chip didn’t record her time, so that means it doesn’t count and she has to do it over. No, just kidding, but it was a little disappointing. Sara’s unofficial time was 70 minutes, 50 seconds, which is pretty awesome. Especially when you consider this race was a lot more hilly than the 5k she ran.

To me, a 10k is a lot more serious that a 5k. The 5k had people who were just out for some fun, or just wanted to support the charity. This race didn’t have any jokers (to be fair, a lot of them were there to run the 10 mile, which is even more serious than the 10k). You can’t just show up and run a 10k the way you can a 5k. Therefore, I was twice as proud of Sara as when she ran the 5k. 🙂

Sara’s mom, dad and sister happened to be here, so they got to attend and cheer Sara on. And Oliver is still saying, “Go mama! Go mama!” if anybody happens to use the word “race” in a sentence.

Since the race happened to be at Navy Pier, we were basically sitting under the Ferris wheel the whole time. Evie has always wanted to go on a Ferris wheel, and talks about it whenever we go by Navy Pier. So as we were walking by, Sara figured, why not?

Did she enjoy it? More than I would have, that’s for sure!

She didn’t seem to be phased at all by it, but when she got back on the ground she told me that “Mommy was annoying me” by trying to sit opposite her to take a picture. She wanted Sara to stay put, right by her side. Every time Sara would move to the other side of the car to snap a picture, Evie would immediately move to that side of the car as well. I can’t blame her for that, though, considering I didn’t even want to get on the thing in the first place!

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