Over the weekend, Sara ran her first 5k. We’re very proud of her!

Evie, Ollie, and I were on hand to cheer her on. It was great, since the race was in our neighborhood, so we were able to walk there. Also, since it was such a short race, we hardly had time to eat a little snack before the runners started coming it.

There were lots of activities for the kids, such as some really professional face painting and balloons (oh, did I come to rue the day we saw those balloons).

Evie, or a butterfly?

Sara was a little nervous about the race, since she’d never run one before. Her goal was just to not embarrass herself, and to be able to run the entire time. Therefore, she was hoping to make it in under 40 minutes.

Well, she killed it. She finished well under 40 minutes (34:13 for the record), and when she was done, she wasn’t even winded.

Sara hotdogging it to the finish line, like she was out for a pleasant stroll

The morning started out pretty cold, but by the time the race finished, it was a beautiful day. Unfortunately, we had attended the Harvest Festival at Evie’s school the day before, and the kids were a little out of sorts. So we really payed for it at the race, which was too bad, because I was sad that it sort of put a pallor on Sara’s day. At one point I thought to myself, “Running the race has to be easier than dealing with the kids!” but then I quickly took it back, because I didn’t want to trivialize Sara’s accomplishment. However, even Sara agreed that running had been much easier than managing two tired, crying children!

The kids are so proud of their mama, can’t you tell?

At the end of the day (well, more like the beginning of the day), I was very proud of Sara. Not that she finished the race, since there wasn’t really much question of that by the time the race starts, but everything else that goes into it. Even just actually signing up for the race is a step more than a lot of people go. And lord knows I’m not signing up to run any races any time soon.

Sara’s already signed up for a 10k in November, so this is definitely not the last race. Also, Evie has been promised that she can run in the kid’s race next year, and she is ridiculously excited by this. She even wants to “train with mommy” for it (but only as long as there are no hills!) So maybe someday she will follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Congratulations Sara! You won the 5k for my heart! (Oh, I’m going to pay for that one…)

5 thoughts on “5k

  1. What a cute picture of Sara running the race! It makes me happy! Running with other people during a race is such a motivator… it’s the training leading up to it that is boring and why so many of us can’t do it. I have a love/hate relationship with jogging… but maybe if I could tag along after Sara, it could be exciting! Yay, Sara!


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