Quote Monday is just designed that way

Evie: “Oliver, I love you more than a penny.” – It may not sound like much, but if you know Evie, then you know this is about as high as praise gets.

Grandma Kathy: “Here, I can fix it.”
Evie: “Mama can do it, but you’re too old.”

Sara: “Ooh, you startled me!”
Evie, accusingly: “That’s because you know there are monsters and things like that in the world!”

Apparently she has been waiting to catch us in some inconsistency which would prove we were lying when we said there was no such thing as monsters.

::Me tickling Evie::
Evie: “Stop, I’m going to pee on you!”
Me: “Oh no!”
Evie: “For real, that’s just the way my body is designed!”

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