What I’m Doing

What I’m Watching

Monsters. I got interested in this movie because it was described as being reminiscent of District 9, which I loved. Based on the preview, I was hooked.

Looks awesome, right? Well, it wasn’t as good as I hoped.

I personally thought it was okay, but Sara didn’t really dig it. There are basically two problems with it: 1) there is not much in the way of plot, 2) there is not much in the way of acting. The entire thing was made on a shoestring budget. In fact, the “extras” in the movie were just people who happened to be around when they were filming. So there really wasn’t a script beyond some loose notes about what had to happen in certain scenes.

So you’d think it would be pretty abysmal, right? But actually, it’s not. In fact, everything else in the movie was sort of amazing. This movie was very, very close to being really good. I’m not sure where it went wrong exactly. I certainly didn’t feel like I wasted my time (however, Sara did).

The most amazing thing is what technology is doing for the movie making industry. The special effects were pretty good in general, even though the whole thing was put together on his own computer, with off-the-shelf computer software. As the director said, “You can go in the shop now and you can buy a laptop that’s faster than the computers they made Jurassic Park on.” Pretty phenomenal.

Imagine what this guy could do with a full budget.

What I’m Reading

American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

I have been dying to read this for so long. I’m a big fan of Neil Gaiman, and this was the book of his that I kept hearing about, over and over. I had even managed to lay my hands on a copy of Anansi Boys, which is not so much a sequel as a more recent book set in the same world.

American Gods was very good, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I would certainly recommend it. However, I have to say, I liked Anansi Boys better. It’s a much lighter tone than American Gods, so maybe that’s what I liked about it. I feel like Anansi Boys was written because the character Mr. Nancy in American Gods was so interesting, despite having such a small roll, that Mr. Gaiman just had to go explore him a little more.

Anyway, either way you can’t lose, or really with any Neil Gaiman book you can’t lose. I’ve never read a bad one.

What I’m Listening To

Bridget and the Squares. This is an up-and-coming band that hasn’t been signed to a label yet. They have an amazing sound. Laura’s vocals are very unique. They’re kind of the reverse white stripes; the band is just two members, with Laura as the lead singer/pianist, and Kyle on the drums.

Anyway, here are a couple of tracks:

I think it’s pretty clear they’re going to be big. You heard it here first, folks! You can also hear more on their myspace page.

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