What I’m Doing

What I’m listening to:

Such Great Heights by The Postal Service

You can also go check out Ben Fold’s version of the same song. Legend has it that he forgot he was supposed to show up on the program. Such Great Heights was the first song on his iPod, so he grabbed a couple of drummers and they used anything they could find in the studio including forks, a wine glass and even one guy playing a box covered in a towel with a wooden spoon (you can see him in the video). I like it almost as much as the original!

What I’m reading:

I’m about halfway through Just After Sunset by Stephen King.

It is a nice change a pace, not too Stephen King-y actually. This is more the kind of straightforward stuff he usually writes under Richard Bachman. The stories are simple and short. Sometimes I think Stephen King can out-King himself, for example, Rose Madder which I thought worked better when it was just about spousal abuse before it got weird. Huh, apparently Stephen King agreed with me on that one, calling it “overwritten” and “working too hard”.

I’ve been listening to lots of Neil Gaiman and loving it, including Coraline (now a major motion picture!) and Anansi Boys. I have not managed to get my hands on American Gods yet, but I’m dying to.

I’ve enjoyed all of them, but I listened to 2 books of short stories that I particularly liked, Fragile Things and M is for Magic. Who am I kidding, I always like books of short stories. They are so varied and if you don’t like one, there is always another coming up. Each story has the sense of promise that you get when you start a new book. Plus, I think the concise nature forces them to be better, not get bogged down. As far as Coraline, I liked it and as I was listening I always envisioned it as anime, so I’m glad to see that it is animated in a sort of creepy style.

I just started Dream Songs Volume I by my other favorite author, George R. R. Martin. The first part is sort of his life story as far as his writing is concerned and it is surprisingly compelling and inspiring. It makes me want to start writing!

What I’m watching:

I was a little disappointed with Wall-E actually. It was a pretty well put together movie, and the stuff they did with with expression, etc. before there was any talking was pretty amazing. I sort of wished the whole movie was sans talking. That being said, I kept hearing how great it was and I don’t know ::shrug:: it’s probably not in my top 20 of animated movies.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Doing

  1. I’ve always loved The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights”. Iron & Wine’s version is good too. It’s pretty cool to have one of my favorite artists do a cover of it! Thanks for the post.


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