Quote Monday plans to kill again

Evie: “I want to wear these sunglasses all the time. I’ll wear them in the house and I’ll only take them off when I’m sleeping. Then I’ll be just like daddy.”

Evie: “Can you imagine? Dorothy had to walk all that way, and she didn’t even complain?” – She came up with this as motivation all on her own! The sidewalk is no yellow brick road, but if it keeps her from complaining…

Evie: “I was almost asleep, but then my potty ticket woke me up. It kept talking to me, saying, ‘I’m lonely!'”

Tom: “What kind of cheese is it?”
Evie: “Shark.”
Me: “Sharp.”

Evie: “I have a plan to kill an imaginary person.”
Me: “What’s your plan?”
Evie: “To kill an imaginary person.”


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