New Feature: First Friday Food

Last year around this time I asked if people wanted to see more features on the blog. Nobody said that they wanted to, but I’m adding one anyway.

On the first Friday of every month, I will try my hand at food blogging. Why? Well, because writing about food is fun. Sharing recipes is communal. And the pictures always look so dang beautiful.

Obviously this was brought about by the food blog guest post I did, which was a lot of fun. So I’ll be kicking us off with a repost of the original Pioneer Pumpkin Pancake post. Archives will be available here (once there are actual archives to see of course).

So, we’ll see where this takes us. I’m hoping that these will continue to be fun and not be too much of a burden. They are a lot more work-intensive than a typical blog post (due to the pictures and the fact that we actually have to make and document a recipe), which is why I’m going to go with one a month. Maybe it will encourage us to try new recipes. Maybe it will just be a convenient place to store good recipes we like. Maybe it will just show off some of Sara’s photography. We’ll see!

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