Quote Monday Dreams a Little Dream

Sara: “I’m going to make a smoothie.”
Evie: “A chocolate smoothie!”
Sara: “No, I’m making banana.”
Evie: “But I’m dying for chocolate!”

Evie: “You can put on lotion AFTER I’m in bed. This is my commandment!” – Where did she even learn that word from? (And it wasn’t from school, that was my first thought too, but I asked her)

Evie’s been having a lot of “bad dreams” lately (the quotes represent the fact that I think a lot of them are an excuse to get me down there because she’s lonely). Her dreams can be kind of strange. Certainly I have had dreams that were scary at the time, and then silly when I woke up, but here are a few that stood out:

Evie: “A cow jumped over a fence and turned you and Oliver into cows! And then you ran away!”

Evie, practically in tears: “We were walking and the floor was covered with caterpillar puke!”

They’re not all bad though:

Evie: “Daddy, I had an exciting dream! Santa Claus had a baby! A baby boy! He wore a Santa hat!”

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