Quote Monday Considers France

Evie: “When I go to Paris, I want to see a guillotine! Will there be guillotines there?”

I was a little disturbed by this, but I knew where she got it from at least: Madeline and the Bad Hat. But in that book, the boy uses the guillotine on chickens, so she didn’t actually know what a guillotine was for…until she watched Rick Steves’ Paris with us!

Evie: “I wish I was born when they chopped off heads because I really wanted to see a guillotine that chops off heads.”

Sara: “French makes my tongue all confused and twisted up and it doesn’t know what to do.” – Ask her to say monsieur sometime.

Evie, smooching Oliver on each cheek: “Oliver doesn’t know how to smooch any way, so I want to teach him how to smooch the French way first!”

4 thoughts on “Quote Monday Considers France

  1. I just read Jennifer Donnelly’s REVOLUTION which largely takes place during the French Revolution. I think it might be the third such themed book I’ve read this year, but this latest one definitely lands me in the “I don’t want to live in Revolutionary France” column. No way, no how.


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