Quote Monday is back from vacation

Evie to Uncle Ben: “We need an adult.”

Me: “You’re getting so big!”
Evie: “I can almost touch the ceiling of this hotel! Well, maybe when I’m five I can.”

::middle of the night, Evie starts crying::
Me: “What’s the matter honey?”
Evie: “Daddy, don’t cut up my peaches!”
Me: “…I won’t honey.”
Evie: “You already did!”

There’s nothing I love more than getting people to say things when they’re sleeping, but I think that was the first time Evie’s done it. However, just over the weekend she woke up and would only say, “Meow meow!” for about 10 minutes. Afterwards she fell back asleep, and when we asked her about it later, she didn’t remember that.

Sara: “I guess you have a lot of fish frys when you have a lot of fish. Or a lot of Catholics.”

Evie: “Mama! Those are just for looking at!” – Well, if Evie’s not allowed to touch stuff in the store, Mama shouldn’t either! It’s only fair.

Evie: “I can’t sing the ‘la la’ part because it sounds like ‘wa wa’!” – She is surprisingly aware of this. We just keep trying to reassure her that she’s not supposed to be able to say ‘l’ at her age.

Lisa: “Your husband still wants to play Kevin Bacon. ‘Cause you know why? Bacon.”

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