Little House on the Prairie

After we finished our previous chapter book, Evie and I started on the Little House on the Prairie chapter books.

I can not stress how much Evie loves these books.

I had never read any of these books, a fact that surprised Sara. We started with the first one, Little House in the Big Woods, and then moved on to Little House on the Prairie. We are currently in the middle of On the Banks of Plum Creek. (Note that we skipped Farmer Boy because Evie likes to hear about Laura and Mary, and we didn’t want to break the rhythm).

I have to say, these books really are good. As we approach the end of each book, I find myself wanting to read ahead after Evie goes to bed. Sara and I often discuss what’s happening in the book. Also, one night when my mom was over we were reading a chapter, and she enjoyed it as well. They are as enjoyable to adults as to kids.

As we know, Evie loves nothing more than playing pretend, and Little House on the Prairie has been no exception. I can’t even think back to a time before Evie insisted on being Laura. Of course, our family is a pretty good analog, since I can be Pa, Sara can be Ma, Oliver can be Baby Carrie, and Evie can alternate between Laura and Mary based on her mood. Nala, of course, is Jack the brindle bulldog.

It actually works out pretty good, because the book is full of things to pretend. For those not familiar with the books or the tv show, it is basically a picture of pioneer life. So you can pretend to  farm, build a log cabin, hunt, ride in a covered wagon, etc. Evie usually pretends the chapter from the night before during the day the next day.

The books are also very age appropriate. I think I’ve skipped maybe two things so far in the three books we’ve read (I remember the last one was a vivid description of leaches that I thought might give Evie nightmares, and maybe I skipped some anti-Indian stuff), but 99% of everything is pretty good.

Actually, the way that Laura Ingalls Wilder was able to tell a tale for children that is also interesting to adults makes me really respect her as an author. (authoress?) So, if you’re looking for a good set of books to read your kid, this one comes highly recommended.

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