Ollie Update

Oliver is about 3 1/2 months now and that boy just doesn’t stop growing! He’s probably going to be done with 9 month clothes pretty soon. So, sorry to anybody who bought him smaller clothes, he didn’t get much use out of them!

Lately Oliver has been doing a lot of cooing, copying sounds, etc. He sticks his tongue out a lot, and thinks its funny when you stick yours out too. He will copy you on that, sticking his tongue out when you stick yours out and pulling it in when you pull yours in.

He has suddenly decided that he does NOT like the bath after all. By not like the bath I mean absolutely HATES the bath. It was so weird, it’s like a switch turned in his head and now he can’t stand it. Sometimes we can make him forget he is in the bath for a little bit by singing or getting him smiling, but then he will suddenly go, “Wait a minute!” and then he just howls the rest of the time. We haven’t taken him swimming yet, but I don’t have high hopes based on the past week or so of the bath. He used to like them as much as Evie just a few weeks ago, so I don’t know what happened. We’re hoping he gets over it because we’re so used to Evie loving the bath that we don’t know what to do with him otherwise.

I would say the biggest thing for me is not being very good at calming him. I was the master at calming Evie. When no one else could get her to go to sleep, I could do it. I thought that I just had mad baby skillz, but I’m discovering that it might have had more to do with Evie than with me. I have no ability to stop Oliver from crying. Eventually I am forced to hand him over to Sara where he generally stops crying more or less instantly. This is sort of the exact reverse of Evie. Sara is a little worried because, with as much as Evie would cling on her at a certain age, she’s not sure what she will do if Oliver is even more of a Mama’s boy!

He can’t sit up yet, though he likes to go in that position if you hold him. He tries pretty hard to roll over, but he needs a lot of help. He has rolled both front to back and back to front a few times, but there was always some extenuating circumstance, like he was laying on the bed next to me, so the indentation of my big butt helped him roll over (or possibly just the sheer gravity of my big butt, it’s hard to tell). So I don’t think he could do it from a flat surface.

I think that’s about it! Just regular 3 1/2 month old stuff (but twice as big).

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