The little men who live in your stomach

I don’t remember how this first came about, but we have somehow stumbled upon a very effective technique to get Evie to eat things she might not otherwise eat.

The story goes that there are little men in your tummy who take the materials you send down to them and use them to build things, which help you grow big and strong. For example, if you send down broccoli, they might make trees to line the roads. If you send down some tomatoes, they might add apples into the trees. Milk might turn into clouds or little white bunnies.

Dessert doesn’t help you grow big and strong of course, so the builders can’t use that for materials. However, it’s still okay to eat dessert because when you send some down, the little men take a break, sit down and enjoy their dessert.

This works great as long as you can keep thinking of things that the little men can build. If you keep building firetrucks, red is going to stop being interesting. This is harder than you think, especially when you have to play this game day after day after day. (I had to make a rule that I would only be a little man during meal times) You know things are getting desperate when white materials are being turned into things like toilets and toilet paper.

The other problem is that, the first time I was a little man in her stomach, I instinctively used the fake I’m-shouting-from-a-long-ways-away-but-I’m-actually-quieting-my-voice voice, as if I were shouting up to her from down in the pit of her stomach. Of course that became the default little man voice, and she gets upset if I forget and talk like a regular person.

So the good news is that we can get her to eat almost anything. The bad news is that dinner time just became a high pressure situation for me!

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