A little light reading

Usually, when a 2 year old says, “Where’s my clown book?” she is not refering to It by Stephen King. Not so at our house. Evie likes to go for the thrillers:

See, I have a LOT of Stephen King books, particularly hardcovers. These are very heavy. So, on one of our book shelves, we put all the Stephen King books on the bottom shelf, so they don’t bend the actual shelf. These books are right at Evie’s height, and she has claimed them as hers. (Yes, I realize Helter Skelter isn’t by Stephen King, she stole that one from my nightstand) (Yes, Helter Skelter was on my nightstand)

I think all of this exposure to horror novels has rubbed off on her. Frequently she will take one of these books and “read” it to us by making up a story. Despite having never actually heard a scary story, she reads these stories in the most dramatic tone she can manage, kind of like a cheap radio drama. However, there is never any payoff, just suspense. For example, “And THEN! She looked into Pa’s sharp eyes…and they went around the corner…and Ma said, “I am so surprised!”…so she climbed a tree….and there was a WOLF in the tree!…so they decided to go in for supper…” Etc. etc.

In regards to reading in general, Evie has taken to narrating her life like a book. For example, when she realized I had put her into bed but not covered her up, she exclaimed, “Then, a minute later, I realized something!” and got under the covers. Another example is sort of talking through her actions before she does them, such as saying to a little kid on the playground, “well, I always like to introduce myself, so…” and then introducing herself to that person.

She also uses this when she needs a scene change. For example, the other night we were playing school in the bath:
Me: “What comes after eleven?”
Evie: “Ten”
Me: “No, but what comes after eleven?”
Evie: “Ten!”
Me: “Okay, then what comes after ten?”
Evie: “…”
Evie, grabbing a boat: “And then suddenly a boat floated by!”

I love all the exposure she has to books. There is something so adorable about a little kid who uses words and grammar more correctly than I do!

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