At least one city councilman is concerned

The residents of Lawndale, California are causing a stink over the town’s plants. Apparently, the roads are lined with garlic–which either smells like skunk or marijuana depending on who you talk to. KTLA did a report on the dispute and spoke with Councilman Jim Ramsey who argued against the removal of the plants.

Starts off pretty reasonable, right? Standard stuff? Let me get you some quotes from Jim Ramsey:

“The only reason why we ever had garlic put in, is so we could keep the vampires out of town. And since we have had garlic, I haven’t seen one, single, solitary vampire in town.”

“Oh, these plants are protecting the city, and if we take them out, we may have vampires in here again.”

You can see the full video here, or the abridged version here.

I think this is awesome. We need to elect more guys who are concerned with the REAL issues. What’s your councilman concerned about? Zoning?

And furthermore, is someone looking into these “humans” that are complaining about the smell??

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