For Christmas, I got a snuggie. This is something I would never buy for myself, but when I got one, I was kind of excited.

For those not in the know, a snuggie is something sold in late night infomercials that combines a blanket and a shirt. Basically, it is a blanket with sleeves.

The height of fashion AND comfort!

I have to tell you, it doesn’t seem like much, but it is better than I could have imagined.

You don’t think about how often you need your arms when you’re in a blanket. Normally, you probably just pop your arms out and do something and then go back. Or, maybe you just have the blanket over your back, not over your front. But if you could keep your arms in, it would obviously be better.

Sometimes the best inventions are the little things. Also, I should point out that this blanket happens to be Nala colored, so cat hair is not a problem.

So if you come to my house, expect to see me imperiously strutting around in my tan-colored robe, smug as smug could be.

2 thoughts on “Snuggie

  1. Over the weekend, it was pretty cold, so I got out my super-soft fluffy chenille robe. I left it on the sofa, and the next time I sat down I was too lazy to stand up and put it on. So I just used it like a blanket. With arms.

    I wonder if that’s how the Snuggie was invented.


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