Mommies get short shrift

Evie: “I can be on the edge, and baby brother can be in the middle, and daddy can be on the other side. And we can make a smooch sandwich.”
Sara: “And where will I be?”
Evie: “You’ll be in the baby’s room, picking up.”
Sara: “But where would I sleep?”
Evie: “On the blankets.”
Sara: “What blankets?”
Evie: “By our foots.”

“One day, when you’re bigger, you’ll probably need a new car seat.”
“I want a pink seat.”
“We’ll talk about it and decide.”
“I already decided.”

“Last night I had a dream. Nala was on a leash, and I took her outside and was flying her.”
“You were flying?”
“Nala was flying, I was walking.”
I don’t know why I am endlessly fascinated by her dreams, but every time she tells me one I am enthralled. I think they’re great. Like, I know that she has dreams, just like anyone else does, but somehow I’m always surprised when she tells me one.

“You ate a lot of good things for lunch, I bet you grew two feet!”
“I already have two feet.”

“More Pinocchio please!” <– Evie’s way of asking for more gnocchi.

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