Go see this movie.

Sure, the plot is pretty predictable. I know you’ve seen it before. But believe me, it is well worth the price of admission. I look at this movie more like an amusement park ride than a movie, where you pay your money, enjoy the ride, and then go back to the real world.

Sara and I don’t see many movies these days. This is only the 3rd movie we’ve seen in the theater since Evie was born. I really wanted to see this one in it’s full 3D glory, rather than waiting for it on DVD. The movie is truly breathtaking.

I haven’t been to many 3D movies. At the beginning of this one, I was rolling my eyes a little bit. I thought, “Oh boy, the traditional putting-a-golf-ball-toward-the-audience shot. How cliché.” But pretty soon those fell by the wayside as the movie really got cranked up. The 3D became a lot more subtle as the movie went on, to where you weren’t really noticing it. This is when it was at its best, when I wanted to swat aside a mosquito that was buzzing by my face. At one point I even flinched away from something that was falling, and then looked around sheepishly to see if anybody noticed.

Of course the Internet is crawling with people hating this movie. Ignore those people. I can’t imagine anybody with an open mind not enjoying this movie (meaning, people who aren’t looking to find problems with it, or going into it hating it because it is popular). Very cool.

4 thoughts on “Avatar

  1. Except the writing was bad, the story was bad, and occasionally the acting was bad. Sure, it was a marvel to behold, but I’m going into theaters expecting a STORY. Not genericville meets played out tropes, stereotypes with borderline offensive exotic native/white messiah with an environmental message.

    So if you can shut your brain off for awhile, then enjoy.

    Of course, I do that for almost every romantic comedy, so whatever. But if this wins Best Picture at the Oscars, somebody was ROBBED.


    • Okay, well, to each his own I guess. :-/

      I don’t disagree with anything you said, while simultaneously disagreeing with everything you said! I guess my response would just be that some movies you enjoy because of their amazing plot or their brilliant acting. Other movies have ‘splosions!

      So I guess I just enjoyed this movie in a different way.


  2. I just wish it wasn’t James Cameron…sure, his movies are iconic… but he gets on my nerves. I wish there was a different Oscar/ award category for movies that are made just for the sensational effect.

    Prime example: when Titanic came out, it deserved all the awards for visuals, etc. But it won for costumes (along with other undeserved awards)!!!! It beat amazingly intricate movies like Kundun. All the costume designer had to do was shop at an antique store! Tuxedos and prom gowns, really? NOT Oscar worthy. It just gets annoying. (And it won for best makeup… but unless you’re creating monsters, that’s kind of a ridiculous category anyways).

    But maybe Avatar will still be playing in the theatre in 6 months when we finally get a chance to go to the theatre again! (But maybe not, it might make me seasick). 🙂


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