Basketball, Dreams and Cactuses

Over the weekend we took Evie to a women’s college basketball game. It was actually a lot of fun. Evie was excited to learn about a new sport and see people playing actually playing it. More exciting though were the peripheral things, like the jazz band and the decorations for the Hawaiian theme promotion. Most exciting of all, of course, was the mascot.

Evie gave him several high-fives over the course of the evening, and she demanded to know where he was at all time. We spent much of the game looking around for him so she could check out what he was up to. We’re pretty sure he was a Phoenix, but Evie insisted he was a Cardinal, due to the fact that he was red. Every dance move, every attempt to pep up the crowd, was amazing to her. And for my own part, I really enjoyed the game. It was exciting.

Unfortunately we left before the end, so I didn’t see who won. Evie has asked many times since then if we could go back to “see the bird” and has made plans for our next trip. So who knows, we might be back to watch another game.

Evie, laughing: “Those aren’t pants!”
Me: “Yes they are.”
Evie: “No they’re not!”
Sara: “What are they, if they aren’t pants?”
Evie: “Cactuses!”
They were khaki’s, although maybe she wasn’t misunderstanding the word…she finds khaki’s to be stiff and poky.

Over break she was taking a nap in the car, when suddenly she sat bolt upright and announced, “I have to go potty!” We started looking around and finally found a place to pull over and go. As we were looking, she says, “I was having a dream I was going potty.” So we had to explain to her, “It’s okay, that happens to adults too!” I don’t know how many times I have had dreams like that.

The next day she was eating and she started crying. She said, “I ate my finger! Does that happen to adults too?”

It’s so funny, seeing her have these dreams that adults have. This morning she told me a dream that she was in a place where there were lots of people eating, and she was looking and looking for her chair, but she couldn’t find it. Again, haven’t we all had dreams like that? She hasn’t gone to school yet, so she can’t have ones where she hasn’t studied for a test, or can’t find a class or her locker. I still have a dream like that now and again.

Of course, she has strictly Evie dreams too, like the one she had over the weekend where her feet got dirty because she had cheese in her Elmo slippers…

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