Evie Quotes

Evie, checking her imaginary watch, “It’s quarter past half.”

“Are you the smartest little girl in the world?”
“Yes I are!”

“Mooommmmy! I want more candy! More and more and more and more!!!!”
“Jeeze, she’s addicted after just one piece!”

It was a little Twix, for the record.

Sara: “Are you disturbed at how much our daughter enjoys seeing people cry?”

Well, I better explain that one.

Evie loves to see people cry. Any book that has a picture of someone crying, is an instant favorite. You can not look at that picture without Evie pointing out the tears. She asks to read books where people are crying and will talk about books with people crying long after they’re returned to the library. Even if there is just a smudge on the page by someone’s eye, she’ll point it out. “She’s crying? Daddy, she’s crying?” I have actually seen her applaud at the prospect of reading a book about crying.

In other words, the plans to turn her into an evil genius proceed apace.

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