Someone is corrupting her

Okay, I don’t know which one of you jokers put her up to it, but Evie said to me, “You go to the doctor and get hairs, then come back.” So ha ha, have your laugh. Once we get to the bottom of this one, we’ll figure out who taught her “Daddy, you have hair in your nostrils.”

This month we learned that when we’re in the garden, “Mommy, it’s watering time!” equals pee pee. And since we’re in the crude vein, the other day we were driving in the car and Evie was picking her nose and handing her boogies to Sara for disposal. Then she said, “Do you have my boogies, mama?” and Sara said “Yes.” She asked, “Can I see them?”.

When we were swimming, we were trying to convince Evie to put her head under water. She was kind of going along with it too, until she declared, “I’m tired of this game.”

Along those same lines, Evie was examining the depth numbers painted on the side of the pool and Aunt Cecilia was explaining that ” meant inches and ‘ meant feet, as in 5’0″. Later Cecilia asked her what the marks meant and Evie said, “Inches and toes.”

Finally, Evie was riding in the shopping cart when she noticed the roll of wrapping paper next to her. “A didgeridoo!” she exclaimed.

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