Pirate Defense

If you would have asked me, I would have said, “Nothing makes me happier than a good tower defense flash game.” Well, now I have to amend that statement to, “Nothing makes me happier than a good PIRATE RELATED tower defense flash game!” 

The game actually has nothing to do with pirates. I mean, the bad guys are pirates, but they could easily have been anything, even little green dots. But this is still a different take on the tower defense idea because instead of just towers, you have traps. So you have to build triggers for the traps so that they go off whenever a pirate steps on a trigger. You get bonus points for combos, for example, the pirate might step on a trigger next to a catapult, launching him through a bees nest and finally landing him next to some good old fashioned dynamite which would then blow up. Combo!

For the record though, I do not condone the killing of pirates in such a sneaky fashion; they should be killed in honest swashbuckling combat or by walking the plank, as god intended.


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