This is starting out to be a weird week

So, in case you missed all the unintentional humor on the previous post, I will now spell it out in excruciating detail.  So I had two unrelated topics to talk about, Pickle Pops and the fact that if I were a disease, I would be Rickets.  Naturally, I made a nice title that tied the two together, and perhaps a long the way might have implied that Pickle Pops may be linked to a certain horrible disease.  Now you’d think I would have learned my lesson with the last brush with the magic that is Google Alerts, but apparently not.  I certainly never expected someone from the company to find my blog.

Let me set the scene for you.  It’s Monday morning, a man comes into work all bright eyed and bushy tailed.  He sits down at his computer.  “Aw great!” he says. “Another blog talking about this awesome product we’re selling!  We’re really starting to take off!”  He then looks at the title of the post mentioning his product.  “Do Pickle Pops cause Rickets?”  His smile slowly fades off his face as he blindly gropes for his antacids with one hand and his lawyer’s phone number with the other.

I mean, I don’t know if that’s how it happened or not, but just the thought caused several fits of hysterical laughter throughout the day.  Oh man, even now I’m laughing!  Too funny.  I changed the title of the post even though he was a good sport about it.  I mean, even without the title, I didn’t exactly give a glowing review there.  I mean, I can’t conclusively say Pickle Pops do NOT cause Rickets, can I?

Along those lines, I decided to go on over to Bob’s Pickle Pops and order a case to give them a fair shake.  I mean, I shouldn’t really dis them without a fair trial.  And I love pickles, I’ve been known to eat a jar in a sitting, so if I’m not their target audience, who is?  However, before you get excited, I have to say I will not be putting my money were my mouth is after all.  Sara convinced me not to buy them as even the thought of them sends shivers down her spine.  Unlike me, Sara hates pickles.  How much does she hate pickles?  Well, legend has it that when Sara was little her parents asked her what she should name her little sister when she was born.  Sara, having no desire for a sibling, said “Pickle” on account of how much she hated pickles.  So anyway, no pickle pops will be coming my way (despite their reasonable price).  So if anybody has tried them, please let me know as my curiosity has now been greatly peaked.  And, at the same time, if I could manage to get my hands on some Synsepalum dulcificum

Finally, in completely unrelated news, we have not had any updates on a subject near and dear to my heart; Pirates!  Well, just because I haven’t been talking about them doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy.  4 tourists taken hostage, although what they were doing in pirate waters in their yacht to begin with is beyond me.  They are just lucky they were taking hostage and not forced to walk the plank immediately!

6 thoughts on “This is starting out to be a weird week

  1. Speaking of your plugs, will we get to go the cupcake shop when we visit?

    In other pirate news… I saw this earlier in the week. I wish my family was as easy to shop for as you. I don’t think it will work for my mom’s birthday.

    In even more pirate news, yesterday our office’s entire pirate paraphernalia package was dumped on my desk. Our social committee chair is moving to Australia, and it appears I’ve been nominated to take over (including the annual Talk Like a Pirate Day party).


  2. Dude, so you’re kind of a blogging legend for foodies now. Maybe you should dedicate an entire blog to food-related topics and see if Food and Wine Magazine picks you up in an online segment. I’m currently creating a list of poignant yet ironic titles for you to use in your new moonlighting job.


  3. Pirates! Hey would you believe it we are working on a script for the Pickle Movie staring Pickle Bob whom saves the world from the Dastardly Sugar Monsters and gets himself into one pickle after another. Well an important part of the story is when he meets the Peppered Pickles Pirates on his trans Atlantic crossing to the island of Haiti where Christopher Columbus introduces pickles to the Americas. I think Amerigo Vespucci (the inspiration for “America”) went with him. Anyway. These Pickled (drinking) Pirates may develop rickets due to their diets.


  4. We would love to send you a few samples to try out due to your honest curiosity. Email me your address and we will oblige your culinary sensitivities. Would you like to try the Jalapeño ones as well? It is fantastic in a bloody mary. And if you like margaritas, try experimenting with a picklerita. HMM the possibilities are endless.


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