Animal Abuse or why I shouldn’t have kids

I was playing with the cat on Saturday night and all of a sudden she sort of ran away a little bit and started freaking out.  She was pawing at her face and going crazy.  So we went over to see what was up and we saw blood flying out of her mouth!  So we started panicking and I grabbed her and I could see that she was licking her tooth and it was wiggling all over.  This was like one of the two major fangs in her mouth!  And when she closed her mouth I could see that tooth was hanging lower than the other one.  So I freaked out and I ran upstairs to get the vet’s number and in the meantime Sara was watching Nala and saw her tooth fall out.  Oh man, I felt so bad!  I don’t really remember hitting her head but we were sort of rough housing.  I called the vet’s emergency number and he said to watch her and see if she was okay and bring her in on Monday.  Well, she didn’t seem to be in pain at all, she let us pet her and she even wanted to keep playing!  I gave her food and she dug into it with her usual gusto.  But I still felt really bad.

So yesterday I took her to the vet and they came up with something that I didn’t even think of…what if that tooth broke off and the root is still in there!  So we have to have some surgery on Friday. 😦  Her doctor said that it was probably just a rotten tooth, but I still feel responsible.  So now I have to pet her all the time and give her whatever she wants.  Also, I have the fun of giving her antibiotic pills twice a day!

This is neither here nor there, but my brother called me tonight to tell me that he’s on his way to a bar in Madison that serves bacon on Tuesdays.  I’ve had popcorn and hotdogs, but never bacon!  Brilliant idea, but kind of strange.  Only in Wisconsin kids.  Only in Wisconsin.

I did my first Sudoku puzzle today.  Am I the last one on earth?

3 thoughts on “Animal Abuse or why I shouldn’t have kids

  1. Don’t stress out too much about rough-housing with the cat! Like the vet said, my first thought was that the tooth was probably bad. Why was that my first thought? Because we had a conversation about cats and rotting teeth over the weekend – I don’t remember why, and I don’t remember who it was with, but I had it! And it reminded me that, “Oh @^%&$!!! We’re going to have to find out how to take the cats to the vet once a year for shots and checkups and stuff. And PAY for it in outrageous local currency! It’s hard enough to find a good vet when you speak the language!”

    So don’t feel bad that you beat the cat up. Instead you can feel bad that you didn’t take her to the vet every few years to be knocked out and have her teeth cleaned! 😉 Unless you did, in which case maybe you did beat the #$*% out of her!


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