Marie Digby

So last Sunday morning Evie woke up with her first cold.  I felt sooo bad for her!  Imagine that you’ve never been sick before in your entire life, you just wouldn’t know what to think.  Why did my nose stop working?  What’s all this crap leaking out of my face?  She was pretty miserable.  In retrospect we were probably pushing it a little too much to hit up Wisconsin, Michigan and then Indiana 3 weekends in a row.  This also means that Evie wasn’t in a very good mood for our big magazine photo shoot Monday night.  More details on that in the future I’m sure.  So now I don’t know if I caught what Evie had or if I got it at the same time as she did but it took longer to get its hooks in me since I’m so much bigger than her.  But I’m pretty much a wreck at this point.

Okay, now for the title of this post.  So I’ve been hearing on the radio this version of Umbrella that was not by Rihanna, but instead was by someone named Marie (pronounced mar-ee-ay) Digby, whoever that was.  I kind of liked the version better than the original but I was kind of annoyed by it because I was like, “Isn’t there more than one song in the world?  Why would multiple people record exactly the same song?”  Well I happened across it today on YouTube.  Apparently this is a YouTube sensation, so if you spend more time on YouTube than I do, you’ve probably already heard of her.  It turns out she just has a bunch of videos uploaded that are just her singing and/or playing guitar/piano.  She has an awesome voice (and it doesn’t hurt that she is drop dead gorgeous) and there is a good mix of original songs and covers.  Anyway, it appears that her popularity on YouTube turned into radio air time, a guest shot on Last Call with Carson Daly and I think even resulted in her cover of Umbrella being played on The Hills.  There is something very appealing about how simple the videos are and it is an awesome story of just filming yourself in your living room and through the power of the Internet you get discovered.

She really is amazing and I recommend you check her out.  Here’s the original video:


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