Go Pack GO

Last week was the week of hell.

I had to give a presentation in my class on Monday and then I worked all 7 days for a total of 60 hours.  I’ve worked every weekend for the past 6 or 7 weeks.  Plus everybody’s temper is short so I’ve been yelled at a few times lately.  Seems like I can’t do anything right, although I think that’s more that everybody is stressed out.  The deadline was last Friday and I’m still not done with everything.  It has really been brutal.  I could go into more details, but frankly I’m too tired.  Also, Sara’s family is coming for Thanksgiving, which is great, but we have a lot of cleaning to do before then.

And now, the ages old debate, do I stay up late to watch the Packer’s game even though I have to get up early and it might just kill me?

Decisions, decisions.


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