A lot done tonight even though I have nothing to do

I left work a little early today to go see that apartment. It’s not going to work out because it’s too small. I also dropped off the movie I rented over the weekend and got some cheese from the grocery store (and ice cream sandwiches!). After that I came home and watched Gilmore Girls and talked to Rody about the bachelor party which is the weekend after this. I tried to look at the web page for my health insurance to see if it would cover pre-marital counseling. That led me to a page that let me look up family counselors. Tomorrow I’m going to have to call them and see if any of them accept my health insurance. We also looked up some on another web page Sara had, and one of them was on both pages. After that I looked up rental car information because it might be cheaper than a 1 way ticket to Sara’s when I go to help her move. It’s amazing how widely the price varies across companies!

So tomorrow the calls I need to make are:
2 rental car places
3 or more counselors
The one apartment place that’s in the lead right now
and, if I feel like it,
Any of the 5 or so apartment places that didn’t call me back

That’s about it. I’m going to be seeing Sara a lot next month, which is a good thing!

Good night.


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