The Lock

There is a door in my building that goes down to the basement.  It has a lock on it, but none of the people living here have a key to it.  For some reason, someone locked it from the inside, went out the basement back door, came around and back in the front door and then broke a key off in the lock.  Can anyone explain that to me??  Why would someone do that??  So, because our keys have never worked in the back basement door (even though they are supposed to) I couldn’t get to our washer and dryer in the basement.  Eventually the landlord came and took care of it.  It wasn’t that big of a deal, but I’m just so confused about it.  There are only 4 apartments in my building, so it’s not like it could have been just anyone.



Okay, time to just get caught up on this

Okay, I’m going to bring this thing up to speed in one big blur, because that’s what the past 3 weeks have been like anyway!

Hmm, think back, what happened. Mostly it was just working all day and then coming home and putting things away like mad. We had so much stuff to unpack it was rediculous. Sara got a bad cold and was miserable for the last few days she was here. We got all of our considerable amount of pictures hung up. I love our apartment. Sara has such nice things. The things of mine that we kept meshed well with her things. I’ve never had a super nice apartment before…this is the first one that really looks like a real person’s apartment, not some college appartment. Basically, I’m in love with our new place. I also really love that we just have tons and tons of things to hang on the walls from when we were in Italy, pictures either taken by us or bought while we were there. I think it’s so much better to have things hanging up that are unique and mean something, rather than just something we bought at the store.

Anyway, when we were walking around in our apartment barefoot, the bottoms of our feet turned black! How gross is that? So after Sara left I put away all the rest of the stuff that I could and then I rented a steam cleaner. I wanted to use it on the old apartment before I turned in the keys, but those carpets weren’t really that dirty. The ones here though? Filthy!! It was so gross emptying out the water…it was pure black. It was kind of hard doing the carpets here by myself because I had to keep emptying the stuff and moving everything around, but I’m really glad it’s done.

Nothing else really big happening I don’t think. The wedding is just CAREENING towards us (two weeks from yesterday)!! Not a day goes by that I don’t have at least 5 wedding related things to do, and the same from Sara. She’s in MI staying with her parents until the wedding so that she can be closer to deal with things as they come up. We’re firing like 10 emails a day back and forth with important information and questions about all the different phone calls and stuff. The good news is, I think we’re going to be good on money…we might be flat broke afterwards, but I don’t think we’re going to have to go into debt at all. I think everything’s coming together well.

I bought a wireless router. It is SO SWEET having wireless access in the apartment. I got the card for Sara’s laptop before I had my router and we found out that someone else in the building must have one too because we immediately got internet from their network!! Of course that would be dishonest…. O:-) When the wireless router came it worked great, but then it went kaput like 2 days later. I went through the whole song and dance with tech support and they eventually decided the router was defective and they told me to return it to where I bought it. Unfortunately I bought it from Amazon, so I was going to have to ship it back and all that stuff. I couldn’t be too upset about it though, because Amazon was FANTASTIC about it! They emailed me a form to print out to get free shipping to return it and within like a day they had already ordered my replacement and sent it to me. I got the new router the day after i dropped the old one in the mail! They were super helpful, not to mention quick and efficient. Sadly, that’s a lot to ask for now a days. Unfortunately, I now have the new router but Sara took her laptop and the wireless card home to MI.

Me and Dawna and Jeff and Tony have been playing poker like maniacs. I got Dawna and Jeff hooked on Celebrity Poker Showdown so that’s why they always want to play. Tony had never really played poker before but he’s pretty good. Jeff’s major flaw is he’s a terrible bluffer and yet he tries all the time. 🙂 Dawna is a little better, but she gets impatient and doesn’t pay all that much attention to the game. She’s also a big risk taker and most of the time it doesn’t work out for her. Tony is really hard to read, I haven’t picked up on his tells yet. They’re giving me a big head about poker though because I’ve won all the money 4 out of 5 times and the one time I lost I had a straight and the other guy ended up having a straight flush…what can you do?

Alright, that’s good enough for now. I’m sure there were 100 other little things I could have put in there during that span, but I’ve been SO BUSY and probably will continue to be until the wedding. Don’t expect too many updates!

Sooooo busy

I’ve just been too busy to update lately. Most things are packed and ready to go. I’ve worked 31 hours in 3 days. I’ve called and talked to or made appointments with like 8 people in 3 days. I’ve been so rediculously busy that I’m straight up exhausted. Only one more day of work before driving to NC…not like that’s going to be a vacation or anything! Tomorrow I have to go pick up the keys to the new apartment and return my cable modem. I’ll be without internet for a few days. ::gasp!:: Thank got I have it at work or else I’m sure I would die. This might be the last post until after we get the internet back on Tuesday. I still owe you a post about Vampires vs. Zombies.

Angel Finale

The Angel Season Finale was on tonight. It was great!! One of the best episodes of Angel I’ve seen. Way to end on a high note. I didn’t like the ending at first but then I thought about it and I liked it. Now I’m watching Jerry Orbach’s last episode on Law and Order. He’s my favorite guy, I’m sad he’s leaving! Sad day today.

Today after work I drove over to the new apartment. I went at 5:24, so that’s probably the worst possible traffic…it only took me 20 minutes. Traffic was pretty good, I think it just takes that long to get there. I also explored a bit around there. I found out that other than an Acme and a Kmart, there’s not much else in the other direction. I located the closest gas station and Wachovia as well. When I got home I looked up Blockbuster, Target and Walmart (the essentials). There is a Blockbuster pretty close, but unfortunately the Target and Walmart I go to now are the closest ones. They’re probably about a 30 minute drive from the new place.

I decided not to pack tonight since I’m way ahead of the game and I just didn’t feel like it. That’s about all.

Chow. ;-p

Weekend Update

Well, the biggest thing to report is that we officially have an apartment now!! It’s in Wayne, PA on the main line. It will probably take me 20-25 minutes to get to work. If Sara were to take the train into the city it would probably take 30 minutes. If she had to go to Camden…that’s another story altogether. The best part about the apartment is the area. It is convienient to everything, including a Peace A Pizza, Bertuccis and Taco Bell! The apartment is decent sized, but I have a few concerns. It doesn’t have a dishwasher and the kitchen is kind of small so there’s not much place to put dishes. There is no counter space in the bathroom. The closets might be too small, although this isn’t as big of a deal because each apartment gets some storage space in the basement. I went to IKEA yesterday to look for like a wardrobe to hold extra clothes in and something to put in the bathroom to compensate for having no counter space. The other weird thing about this place? There are washer/dryer hookups for each apartment, but they’re in the basement. This is still better than having to share washers and dryers with the apartment complex, because you don’t have to feel bad about leaving your stuff down there. Another nice thing is that there are lots of windows. This is especially nice come from my apartment which is something of a cave.

Oh yeah, did I mention this place was CHEAP!! That’s important.

Nothing else too exciting going on this weekend. Dawna made like 5 kinds of cookies on Friday and I gorged myself on them. The NFL draft is this weekend, but that’s super boring. Better to read about it after the fact. Oh, I finally got around to painting the broken corner of the picture frame Sara gave me. We did an EXCELLENT job matching the paint. It won’t hold up to scrutiny but a distance you can’t tell it was broken at all. Hmm, what else. Went to IKEA yesterday obviously, and then ate at Macaroni Grill afterwards. I’m spending too much money, I need to cut back. Dawna and Jeff are bad bad bad influences. Made some phone calls to find out who hadn’t gotten fitted for their tuxes. Showed Tony where the new apartment was going to be and drove around there for a little while (this is when we discovered Taco Bell). Told my mom that Sara and I didn’t want to open our wedding gifts in front of everybody and besides, we have to be out of Lafayette by noon anyway.

Okay, too much stuff going on, I need to post this and be done with it!

Quick One

I went to see the last two apartments I was going to see today and the guy didn’t show. I called him and said he tried to call me at work. I left work at 4 for our 4:30 appointment…I better have a message from him when I get into work tomorrow!!

I’m feeling accomplished because I got all the paperwork filled out for the apartment that it looks like we’re going to get (most in-depth application EVER!).

I wanted to make my decision today about the apartment…now I have to either disregard the two apartments I was going to see today or wait until Saturday to decide on an apartment which might mean the other one will be gone.

Decisions, decisions.

A lot done tonight even though I have nothing to do

I left work a little early today to go see that apartment. It’s not going to work out because it’s too small. I also dropped off the movie I rented over the weekend and got some cheese from the grocery store (and ice cream sandwiches!). After that I came home and watched Gilmore Girls and talked to Rody about the bachelor party which is the weekend after this. I tried to look at the web page for my health insurance to see if it would cover pre-marital counseling. That led me to a page that let me look up family counselors. Tomorrow I’m going to have to call them and see if any of them accept my health insurance. We also looked up some on another web page Sara had, and one of them was on both pages. After that I looked up rental car information because it might be cheaper than a 1 way ticket to Sara’s when I go to help her move. It’s amazing how widely the price varies across companies!

So tomorrow the calls I need to make are:
2 rental car places
3 or more counselors
The one apartment place that’s in the lead right now
and, if I feel like it,
Any of the 5 or so apartment places that didn’t call me back

That’s about it. I’m going to be seeing Sara a lot next month, which is a good thing!

Good night.